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hello peeps, want to get some initial feedback on some rough ideas for a nutrition company. the client would like something that visually says nutrition, health & wellness. also, mentioned was that it be clear, clean and recognizable. your thoughts/suggestions are always appreciated.

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The mark from the top one, but not the type. I would probably drop the last concept as it is too Unilever-ish.

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The last one reminds me of the Unilever logo.

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great. thanks guys. I knew there was something very similar to that. I couldn't put my finger on it. working on a couple other sketches hope to upload this soon. =)

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setback. client has taken a new direction. wish they would stick to the brief. aarrgg! stay tuned. =|

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Good luck. :)

P.S. I hope you're not dealing with an too-often-seen so called small client that thinks they can be smarter than you... The ones I used to ask (when they became too smart on me) whether they provide detailed working guidance to their dentist as well?

Many think they can mess with designers because they think they don't have time themselves to deal with it so they hired someone and expect low price for it because they could do it (probably better) themselves.

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how many concepts do you present? the new direction has taken me to 5 possible solutions. i like them all. would 5 be to many? i was just on david airey's site and mentioned he presents 3. thoughts?

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Two at most. It’s for your own good.

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this project has gone faster then i'd like. wish i had more time to post/feedback. anyway, here is where it's going. client went from wanting something detailed/ornate to simple, bold and clean. wants a "plate shape" type logo. showcase a vegetable/fruit of some kind. thoughts?

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Depending on the client I show them few concepts but always make a strong preference of one that I think is the one to pursue. Sometimes I just show them one (when I know it's a killer logo and wouldn't want any other to be chosen).

Of the last five you've shown you can easily discard the first one (pear) because many companies have used this kind of concept (remember AT&T).

I would choose #2 but it desperately needs a different font. The one you've used looks like some freely available not so well designed font (characters have different weight and even more importantly style). You will also have to do something about the leaf at the top. Forget of colours (and shades) for a while and create a symbol that works. Leaf will probably have to be bigger to make it work. And use some geometric font with it (nothing wrong with avantgarde actually). The good thing about the second logo is also that is uses an apple that's a more universal symbol of fruit than the ones you've used in other symbols. The main problem with this second logo is that this symbol may have been used many times with many different industries.

The fourth one is quite nice as well, but I'm not completely sure whether it goes along with client brief.

The last one is the one I can't decide about. I can't say whether I like it or not. It's well executed and balanced but I can't see it as a logo. It's more of a certificate mark that goes on certified products for instance.

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The marks themselves are nice, but I don't like the type at all. Try a typeface that relates more to the image, and the feel you want to convey.

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Yes the emblems are much too different/separated from the type itself. Try to encorporate them, either via feel, or distance between them, or both. Try making an emblem with the words NEW PLATE and add NUTRITION at hte bottom. Its a marketing tip, you want people to remember new plate before what it is.

Also try taking things literally - work off of a plate.

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thanks everyone. wish i would of seen this earlier. =( i ended up showing the top three. client choose the pear concept with some modifications. No fruit focus instead a vegetable. in this case a carrot. my fav was/is #2. i should of pushed for that. although, i might of missed my mark since the client changed their mind to go with a vegetable instead. frustrating.

@litera - I thought about the ATT feel, but thought i might be okay since i was encasing the mark and making a fruit shape. anyway, now i've gotta work with it. crap! =|

@trevor - i thought i had. any specific comments on the type selection for the pear idea?

@defragmybrain - thanks. i ran the name option by the client in the initial stages, but client felt that was a mandatory thing. I might revisit it though.

lesson learned. :\

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oooookay! yet another change. this is where i'm at. any feedback would be great. i'm leaning towards the top version.

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I would go with the size of 1 with the alignment of 2. Maybe consider a bit bolder version of nutrition at the small size (or cheat like I do occasionally and just add a tiny bit of stroke), and try a tracked out, (sm)all caps version of the subtitle.

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