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I need to use this image as the letter P for a 2-word logo. The rest of that word will be done in a non-stylized type. However, for the second word, I'd like to use a type that carries this same look. Something angular or Greekish. Any suggestions?

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Are you a designer?
What is your enquiry about?

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Yes, I'm a designer. I'm looking for type suggestions. Something that will match the Chi-Rho (PX) symbol that I included in the attachment.

It doesn't need to match exactly, of course. But something of that same angular nature and/or something that has a Greek language look to it.

Do you have any suggestions?

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By the way, when I say type, I'm referring to typeface. Or font.

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The light weight of Carol Twombly's Lithos Pro might be a good match. It isn't angular like the treatment of rho in the chirograph, but it references early Greek inscriptional lettering and would harmonise nicely, I reckon.

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Awesome! Yes, the logo is for a religious organization. Thanks so much!

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If you only need one word, you could quickly construct it from lines rotated in typical geometric degrees. This would be less than an hour's work.

BTW That looks like one of the Eastern Orthodox Church symbols.

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… suggestions?

well, if modesty allows, my recent Lapidaria seems to fit that mood of type, and it comes with Greek support.

(You may check a page like this for complete glyph overview.)

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