Tsukurimashou 0.3, now with 349 kanji and a home on SourceForge.JP

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The Tsukurimashou project is now hosted on SourceForge.JP, and recently made a new release. At this point, coverage includes Latin, katakana and hiragana, and 349 kanji including all of the Grade One and half of the Grade Two kanji taught in the Japanese school system. I figure I'm on track to have the full basic character set of roughly 2500 kanji, in a year or two. Note that since version 0.2, it has full proportional spacing and kerning of Latin (not necessarily well demonstrated by the font viewer that produced the screenshot below), and so could be taken more seriously for typesetting English even though it remains primarily intended for Japanese.

[Latin characters]

[Japanese characters]

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Good to see that your studies are going well. Wonder if Knuth's getting envious yet.

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