Quranic Font (Hafs) Released

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King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex release Quran Font with complete Typed data in MS Word File Format. Authenticated by King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex. The Font is free for use.
The Line & Page Breaks are according to Mushaf AlMadinah, Printed by KFGQPC.

The Website Link is;

The Hafs Uthmanic Script Font download link is;

The Quranic Data in MS Word File Format download link is;

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Looks nice on screen. It would be good to see how it compares do SIL's Arabic fonts in terms of glyph coverage.

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Thanks for sharing the result of your great deal of work.

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bahman - ycherem, Thanx for the comments;

I hope this will be a good addition in existing Quranic Fonts. This is specially designed to view the Quranic Text according to Uthmanic Script and exactly as printed in Mushaf AlMadinah.

We also tried our best to remove the clashes of Dots and Tashkeel with the text. i.e. the Tashkeel & dots will not touch the base character.

Also We are providing Authenticated data of Quraan from King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex. The Line and Page breaks are exactly as they appear in Mushaf AlMadinah.

We tried to place Tashkeel at their best possible place.

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Ashfaq, the font is beautiful, thank you.

But, I'm not sure how useful DOC file will be in real-world usage (except for displaying quranic text on Windows with MS Office installed). DOC format isn't reliable, especially if used on OSes other than Windows and within apps other than MS Word (e.g., OpenOffice.org or LibreOffice on Linux have problems with displaying text correctly; same applies to XeLaTeX). And if one is about to typeset parts of quranic text, then an application like Zekr (http://zekr.org) is a must (I mentioned Zekr here because it's truly cross-platform). Unfortunately, this font doesn't play well with Zekr neither :( I'd like to hear comments from Mac OS users, but on Linux, usage of the font is quite limited. It's OK for typesetting common arabic, but not for quranic script, for which it's created in the first place.

LibreOffice screenshot
XeLaTeX example

Thank you for your effort.

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Jazak Allah
Ashfaq Sahib, Its a great work. may Allah bless you.

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