Need help, possibly for the last time

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I want to start a collection of information on type design. It can be anything from papers written by designers, type specimens in PDF form, helpful books I can purchase, anything relevant to type design.

I will soon be without internet access. Sadly, this will mean that I will no longer regularly visit this site, if at all, and I would like to collect as much information I can take with me so I can continue my growth as a graphic designer and my growth to becoming a REAL typographer ( I've come to realize that I'm far from calling myself this and to do so now would only insult those who are real typographers).

So if it's not too much trouble, I would really appreciate the help from my fellow typophiles.

Thank You

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designing typefaces

i bought this a while ago. it has some nice interviews and speculating about type design process and the history of some typefaces,for example including zuzana licko and jonathan hoefler.

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