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Im currently developing a logo for a Volcanic research and risk analysis centre.
This is one of my concepts, could you give me your feedback and suggesttions please...

logo concept

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I would risk to track another typeface,
maybe Mr. Summer Stone's Magma :
Very nice lines composition, that sounds good to me.


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How did you arrive here

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Nathan don't crash the type the UTI combination in Solutions, and the NI in Volcanic is auful. Then you have a river of space between the RI in Risk. Start over with the type.

Please explain the graphic. I don't see how it makes the name any clearer. You might suggest a tag line to explain the nature of the business. Is it an insurance company?

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The logo seems random, like it could be MS clipart. I don't think the graphic is memorable.

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Thanks for all your comments but i have to go back to the drawing board anyway because he wants a more pictorial logo with a volcano in it or something...

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heh whoops...stupid internet kept giving an error!

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Nathan that is how this site works. Place a post, get an error message go back one page and go to topics and you will see you were the last post

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To (vaguely) quote Einstein: things should be made a simple as possible, but no simpler.

This design is an abundance of lines and forms, any message loses itself in the forest of visuality.

It does remind me somewhat of the seismographic symbol for earthquakes, though. But then again, that's not vulcanic.

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I wonder if you could create a nice, primarily typographic solution using the "seismic" lines as random, supporting graphic elements. What I mean by "random" is not necessarily appearing exactly the same on any pieces. This randomness can represent the often unpredictable nature of volcanos (e.g. the recent activity of Mt. St. Helens).

1 The logo could be a simple typographical logo, presented with or without the graphic lines, or with a few variations of the lines.

2 The bizcard could present the graphic lines in one way, while they might appear differently on letterhead and envelopes.

3 Other printed collateral could present the graphic lines in various ways: large, small, cropped left, cropped right, etc.

4 etc

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My problem is I don't get the business model. Is it a free service or a commercial organization. Is it Insurance or Information? Why a logo at all? Nathan?

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