Using a font for an identity: licensing issues

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Hi, I'm working on the identity system of my academy and I'm facing the fact that we cannot design a typeface on our own by the deadline (which is near as hell, by the way).

What are the legal aspects of using a shareware font?

Up to now I've choosen Dante and I'm trying to find a respectable sans-serif companion for it.

But I don't know what should we do, if the identity system is accepted, to legally use Dante and the sans-serif companion (think of renowned names like Univers, Frutiger etc.).

We'll have to buy the license and goodbye? Or there's something more complex behind?

thanks in advance for all the replies!

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The Build section isn’t the most appropriate place where to ask such a question. You should move the thread.
As for the question itself: it depends by the use of the typeface.
If the identity involves just the logo and tagline, the designer must own a license for the font(s) appropriate for the use (some foundries ask more if the font is used in logos, for example).
If the font will be used to set all the text for any given product by the client, the client itself will need to purchase an appropriate license (presumably a site license) for the use of the font.

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