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I'm kind of nervous posting this here, as I know type design as a career is taken very seriously, as it should be, but please hear me out and understand that I mean absolutely no offense - as I have a very good friend who is a graphic design major and expresses a great deal of love for the craft, which I understand and respect.

I'm an English major in college, incidentally, and am a huge fan of Franz Kafka. Kind of fell in love with him, actually. Something he wrote in a letter to a loved one inspired me. I've been hankering to get my first tattoo for a while now, and this really spoke to me. I've been searching the net like a crazy person for a good font that embodied his handwriting. I found a free font that did not do it justice, but then I found FF Mister K OT, by Julia Sysmäläinen, which I thought was perfect, and she obviously put a great deal of work into it, so, understandably it's a bit pricey. I'd love to buy it eventually, but as of right now my income is rather low as I'm a full time student. I was hoping, that if anyone had bought the font, they would be able to type up the phrase for me so I could see how it looks? I would really appreciate it. I'm not asking for a free download of the font or anything like that - I would feel much better if I could just buy it, but any money that I do have I'd really like to use for the tattoo instead of buying the whole font right now, as a bunch of close friends and I have been planning a trip to go get all of ours together.

I'd understand if this is completely out of the question, but it'd be nice if you could be polite in your rejection of my request.

In case anyone is curious and wants to see this font and actually has the money to purchase: http://ffmisterk.com/

It's beautiful.

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If you just want to see a phrase, the FontShop website can do that.

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Thanks a lot, that was really helpful!

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Alana, your sensitivity is appreciated.


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Buy the font; skip the tattoo.

Your affection for Kafka will fade out before age 30.

The tattoo won't.

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I really liked it when K. made some comments on Typophile in his handwriting.

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The font is interesting and complex, but the script is not beautiful. The font is useful, but I wouldn’t spoil my skin with it, whatever I think about Kafka. It’s one of these ideas, that always need explanation. And I don’t like ideas, that don’t speak for themselves.

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This post it´s just pure marketing of the font.
Nice marketing, by the way. You guys are getting clever :)

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Für so viel Unhöflichkeit hätten Sie eigentlich eine Woche Damenhaft verdient, Fröken Sysmäläinen! If it is marketing, Pablo, then for the font only.

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