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Hi, typophiles! I usually use the term masthead to refer to the large logo at the top of a front page of a newspaper; I've recently found that masthead actually means something different (list of staff), and that I should be using the term "heading." This seems like a rather broad term, though. Is there a specific term for this section at the top of the front page with the logo, tagline, date, etc?



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Nameplate is best, though logo or flag work, too (via Jim Parkinson's essay in Contemporary Newspaper Design.)

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Thank you!

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Actually the word "masthead" applies to both.

According to Webster, the first definition is nautical; the second definition applies to newspapers/newsletters, with sub-definitions of a & b, with b being defined as the newspaper name at the top of the front page. It further mentions that the front page masthead is also called "nameplate".

I've always used the word "masthead" to indicate the logo on the front page, but either use is correct.

I agree that "nameplate" is best in order to avoid confusing people.

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