Help me please! About Typography Master Degree!

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im Indonesian.Im not rich and im not poor (im ordinary).

I love typography a lot. I want to learn typography much more. I want to go to university and there is no specific typography university in Indonesia even in Asia. But, it seems so hard to find the proper university that provide scholarship. I prefer to go to Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Aus, and Other countries (except England and Japan -- coz the currency with IDR is extremely yaa.. you know)

I want your suggestion please... and please keep sharing if your are the one who studies in typography institute. All about typography institute in that mentioned countries.

Additional: What is the best Typography institute?

Gunarta :)

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University of Reading, Great Britain.

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Type & Media Masters @ The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague >

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@Gunarta: Are you interested specifically in type design?

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@dean: of course, i love type design :D

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any specific suggestion?

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eliason’s link is a good place to start.

I don’t know a lot about typeface design programs. I focus on how typography influences human performance such as reading comprehension. Before you decide where you want to spend your time and money, you really need to focus on your area of interest. Letterforms, history, technology, human performance… Who would you like to employ you, and for what, when you are complete?

Answer these questions and your choice will present itself.

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i wanna be typographer. Build a typography school in Indonesia (coz there is no typography school in indonesia) or being lecturer in typography

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If you wish to enter into academia, and be taken seriously, I suggest you work on your capitalization, punctuation and limit your use of slang when speaking publicly.

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> Build a typography school in Indonesia


And/but what Christopher said.


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If you want to go into academia, you could also look at the PhD program at Reading. Generally speaking a PhD is a major edge in academic circles.



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@dean, sorry with my language. It just... umm.. School in Indonesia teach more US English than British English (and people more like to practice US Slang English, because its more popular and slang)

@hrant: People always talk that we must make the highest goal in this life. So i do :) and i wish that will be come true

@thomas: thanks, cheers :)

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@Gunarta: If you are interested in starting a school, then you will require many skills. Sadly, the top of the list will most likely be business, management, and administration. Next, you will require knowledge of pedagogy (in an educational context). Rhetoric and semiotics can’t hurt either. THEN, you can start focusing on subject matter.

You need to ask yourself what do you want your school to teach? And you can’t answer “typography.” That’s about as broad as saying “art” which could mean:

wood working
metal working
stone working
print making
screen printing
interactive media
interpretive dance

Start small.

If you were to teach just one course at someone else’s school, what would it be?

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Gunarta, negative comments are not helpful, and comments about your punctuation and/or american slang are just useless to say anything that can give you a clue or a solution for your asks.
I'm a 20 years experienced designer, and I want to be a typographer too! yes.. what we want to do is to focus just in typography, so it's so valid to answer "just typography" if you have a previous bachelor degree. What I know is that the Reading University is one of the major schools for an MA in typography, but, as you said, The UK is not an option because.. well.. ya'know! so there are cheaper options but I'm affraid language could be a problem for you, there are a master in Barcelona, Spain and the other one is in Veracruz, Mexico, both of them in Spanish (in Barcelona could be sometimes in Catalan). Anyway, if you want to take a look around visit:


I agree that what Christopher says is correct for those seeking a bachelor's degree, but what is concerning a master's degree I suggest him to make a little more research before commenting as severe.

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You misinterpret my tone through text. My comment is designed to guide a decision making process that is, at as of yet, unfocused. Consider it as a form or Socratic rhetoric, not condescension.

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The helpfulness of a comment -positive or negative- is a two-way street.


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Writing skills are important, but let's remember that English is a second language for Gunarta. I think we should cut him some slack.

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to guide a decision making process that is, at as of yet, unfocused.

A decision-making process that was, as of about a year ago, perhaps, unfocused . . .

You all do realize that this thread was almost a year old when some spammer raised it from its slumber a few days ago, and then Christopher chose to pick it back up, right?

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Hey, don't ruin it for Marian - that was her first post ever! (And not at all bad for an opener.)


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