Which 'U' to choose?

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Hey everybody,

I've been struggling with the capitals of Sensato U lately and the U in particular refuses to look good. I've made 3 different U's, shown underneath.

- The first is a sort of lowercase approach. I've seen this done before, without sticking out as 'wrong' to me.

- The second is a compromise. The basic shape is still there, but the thin vertical stroke is thickened heavily for a better colour.

- The third is the original, based on how I would design a U in a low-contrast sans-serif. The problem with this is that it causes a really light spot when next to letters like A.

- I also included an alternative for the C, also with a more lowercase approach.

I would just like to know what you think of it. Which ones disturbe you the least? Any other critique is also appreciated, as always.


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Have you looked at how analogue fonts solve this?

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Analogue as in 'not digital'? No I haven't, and I wouldn't know where to look.

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By now I think the first offers the best color. I would like to see the second variation with the same thickness as the first. You should also correct the bump on the right curve of the second 'U'; I know its derived from the intentional concavity of the stem, but make the transition smoother. Perhaps it's just a matter of hinting...

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I've already settled on the first. Consider this one closed.

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First U wins. And the C with 2 serifs is better.

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Totally agreed. Thanks for confirming, though ;-)

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Analogue means here "similar, a-like, same sort". So in this case an analogue font would be one that has a high contrast for example.

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Maybe curves on 1st /U/ could be smoother, and you could set the right lower end as you've done for /d/

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Analogue is a noun. Analogous is an adjective.

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