what do i give the client (corporate identity related)

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Hi everyone,

I was thinking about a few things and hopefully someone could help me out, i hope the question isn't too dumb :D.

when someone of you makes a corporate identity for a business, museum, government,Academy...

When the project is finished, what exactly is property of the client, especially when it comes to the Logo. I mean, do you give all files including vector files of the logo or do you "never" give the illustrator eps or ai file to the client?

kind of like "if i do give the vector files they might never work with me again since they have all they need.

Also what kind of formats for the logo need to be included when delivering the final product to the client (TIFF, JPEG...?)


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The vector files should be included. I mean, do you really expect, that the client asks you, whenever he wants to lossless scale the logo? This would be almost extortion. Additionally the vector files may be needed for printing. You only should not add font files, that you have licensed. Alternatively you can transfer the license.

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Logos are frequently work-for-hire, which is a legal term that means the client buys the copyright from you, so that you literally no longer own your work. In this case, you would give all associated files to the client. If the work is not work-for-hire, I would definitely supply the work in vector format (assuming I wasn't also doing the associated branding and typography work), but not the source files (i.e., eps but not Illustrator).

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Unless your contract with them states otherwise, they're entitled to the vector files along with any other files you made that they might reasonably need. (Working files, like a layered Photoshop file for example, normally wouldn't be given to a client unless they specifically requested it.)

> if i do give the vector files they might never work with
> me again since they have all they need

You get future work from them by 1) doing a great job on the identity project, and 2) making them aware of your capabilities to do other projects they might have (brochures, websites, or whatever).

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thnx for the reply's everybody!

i asked because i simply didn't knew how this works and what files the client is entitled, now i know :D

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I'll add that it's probably a good idea to not only provide the "working" vector files (Illustrator, Photoshop or whatever) but also EPS (for high-end printing) and EMF (for use in MS Word applications) versions. Maybe a big TIFF or PNG too.

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