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A colleague of mine have a problem with the installation and use of Robofab-scripts
to create UFO-files. When he run 'Export current font to UFO-format' he's get this allert:

'Traceback (most recnt call last):
File "", line 8, in ?
ImportError: No module named

What's wrong?
Thanks in advance for all kind help!

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Hi Morten,

Appararently Robofab is not correctly installed. :(

Check if there’s a Robofab folder in /Library/Python/2.3/site-packages/
In the same folder there should be file called "RoboFab.pth" as well.

If they are not there, run the latest version of the RF installer again and make sure you are logged in as an administrator.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Paul, but the problem is still there ... are trying to run the installer once more.

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That’s a bummer...

What system / configuration are you installing on?

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My colleague's system: iMac 10,1, system MAC OS X version 10.6.7, but I don't think that's the problem ...
But: When he choose the menu, 'RoboFog' is not there – I have that option. (Please have a look at the attached screenshot).
Maybe the problem is here??

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That RoboFog folder must be pretty old since it’s not part of the RoboFab installation for a long time anymore. So that is certainly not the origin of the problem.

Here’s a screenshot of the location of the RoboFab folder on my system (OS X 10.6.6):

And when I open the RoboFab.pth file it looks like this:

If this is all exactly there I can imagine there’s a problem with the permissions. Select the folder ‘site-packages’ and choose ‘Get Info’, then set the permissions according to this screenshot and choose ‘apply to enclosed items’.

Hope that will do the trick..!

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I am trying to install Robofab on my new iMac with Lion. It seems certain library folders are not visible in this update. What version of Robofab should I install and is there a good way to install it on Lion?

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From the FL Beta forum:

1. If you don't have it already, get the "RoboFab + FontTools + DialogKit Combo" zip here:
2. Unpack the zip and put it in a location where you want the files to live. For example /Applications/RoboFab.
3. Open Terminal.
4. Type "cd " (the space is required) and drag the FontTools folder to the Terminal window. This should give you something like "cd /Applications/RoboFab/FontTools". Hit return.
5. Type "sudo python2.5 install". Hit return.
6. A bunch of installation notes should appear.
7. Type "sudo python2.5 " (the space is required) and drag the file in the RoboFab directory to the Terminal window. Hit return.
8. "Robofab is now installed." should appear along with some other text.
9. Type "sudo python2.5 " (the space is required) and drag the file in the DialogKit directory to the Terminal window. Hit return.
10. "dialogKit is now installed." should appear along with some other text.
11. Restart FontLab if you have it open.

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Thanks, Jackson! I also found Tal's post on the Fontlab forum.

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