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This is my debut typeface (which is still untitled).
What initially meant to be modular serif inspired by arab calligraphy, turned out into somewhat modernist base with elements used by older serif typeface styles.

Some glyphs still need work - namely N, Q, X, f, x, 4, 8.
Also I haven't started to work on kerning yet.
And FL technical features are like a plane cockpit to me.

These analogues are the closest of what I managed to find:
Sahara Bodoni
Austin Fat
Nouvelle Vague
Basilia Black|

Is it worth bothering with lighter weights?

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Hey, those pangrams look familiar!

If you're going to do that swoopy treatment at the bottom right of /n/m/h/, I think you should let it dip below the baseline a touch more. Those terminals look like they're riding high.

I think you've identified well the letters that need the most work. I'm also not sure about /q/'s descender, and /t/ might be too wimpy above the crossbar.

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I love extra bold didones included yours :)
thanks for your comment on my post.
I agree whit eliason +
·maybe the terminal lower-right of /u/ should has the same shape as /n/ ?
·a bit big left serif of /A/
· the lower /K/ leg seems outstanding to me
· right /Y/ arm isn't going too much left?

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"W" makes me scratch my head. I just can't find a natural way to form it from "V".

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something like this?

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This is the opposite direction from the charset. Because then both V and X would have to be changed.
It's not the junction, but inner space balance I can't figure out. Notice the huge left serif I made to close that gap.
What I am trying to do is to find that "magical" condensed "V" to clone and form "W".

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