ITC Bodoni Six or Twelve???

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Hi All,

Im setting a newspaper in Bodoni. Ill probably set columns of newsprint in aobut 9 or 10pt with footnotes in 7pt. Should I buy ITC Bodoni optomized for six or for 12 pt???

Not sure which will be most effective or if it will even make very much difference!

Thanks :)

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Since newsprint has more gain than usual I'd guess the 6
would come out too dark, and the 12 would be less bad. But:
- You're going to be testing things anyway, right?
- Bodoni is not a good choice.


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Agreed, you should test it first. Agreed even more that Bodoni is a pretty poor choice for a newspaper face. There's a reason that newspaper typefaces have tended towards low-contrast rather than high-contrast for the past 75 years or so.

Generally given the curve of rate-of-change in optical scaling, the 12-pt would theoretically be closer, but due to the high contrast of Bodoni, I'd probably prefer the 6-pt (which will have noticeably less contrast). But the more correct answer is likely "neither."



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Hey guys!

Thanks so much!

Yea your right... they both arent that great.

Im imitating an 18th century newspaper though that was set in Bodoni (I think it was quite popular to do that then). It actually looks surprisingly good and relatively easy to read. Ill probably go with the 6 so there is less contrast.

Thanks again :)


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Have you seen Bodoni Egyptian? Obviously depends on how close you want to stick to the style ...

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Just had a look now.
Its a slab serif though...
Iv been working with Bodoni MT and Bodoni ITC and Bodoni Old Face - they seem to be working ok for now. Not the best. But they are alright.

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