Sensato Capitals (Update 1)

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Hello everybody,

It's been quiet around Sensato for a while, but here it is again. Capitals have always been my weakest point, so I guess there is much to improve on. I decided to step away from the caps in Sensato A (the text/low-contrast variant) with the caps, so once I'm satisfied with these I'll adjust the caps in Sensato A accordingly. All feedback is much appreciated and will be carefully considered.

Jasper de Waard

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Hello :)
It looks very nice.
I especially like your B C D Q S.
However I'm not sure about some capitals that look totally sans like H I V.
Maybe adding a little something at terminals? (You've done it for F T Z) L.
But maybe I'm totally wrong.

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Thanks :-)
You're not totally wrong, but I just don't know what to do with them.

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/A/ and /H/ crossbars could taper narrower in the middle.

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a good question.. maybe add some stress, as in horizontal arms? (a bit like in Optima font)

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@Eliason: Yes, that's probably a good idea. Thanks
@Synhview: I was trying to avoid that.

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When I visualise drawing these with a broadnibbed pen (which fits the type of font you aim for) there are some glyphs and parts of glyphs that stand out as being ‘wrong’, eg:
the tail of \R\, the descending part of \y\, the terminals of \K\ and \k\ which differ too much from \A\, the top left of \N\ which is way too blotchy.

Also the vertical ricght of \G\ isn’t wide enough.
The angle of the left part of \Y\ is too steep.
You may want too take a closer look at \W\ and esp. \w\ because the relation between the two ‘valleys’ is off.

Don’t try to emulate Optima — I like the super-ellipsis-ish tension caused by the ‘bulging’ verticals. Maybe you should accentuate that and use it more.

BTW. Are you using your May-vacation to work on this? The sun is shining!

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Hey! Thanks a lot! I've been waiting for a good portion of tough feedback. I'll try to improve on the weak spots you pointed out and come back with an update as soon as I'm seeing some improvement.

I am using my May-vacation for Sensato, but I spend hours outside looking at the test prints in the sun, and I get my daily portion of football too, so no worries. I usually work on Sensato when it's dark outside.

What do you mean with 'bulging' verticals?

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I uploaded an update. Is this any better?

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