advice on font for string quartet logotype

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Hi There

I'm looking for some help designing a logo for the family business which is a string quartet. I've been studying graphic design for a couple of years now but I feel like I've hardly dipped my toe into the world of type!

Basically the quartets uniqueness comes from the amount of experience it has (over 25yrs) and the range of music it plays from
classical to pop and film soundtracks. I'm after a font which is nice and modern, but also has a feeling of experience and many years under its belt. Mostly playing for weddings, it has to fit into the classy image the couples are looking for.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Designing a logotype is much more than just picking a font.
You ought to hire a designer.

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Thanks Penn and Nick for your shouts, both interesting choices.

And Thanks Andreas, I understand what you mean, but on this occasion the families happy for me to work on this for my portfolio.
Or main competitors have logos, but none that I would say add any value, they look like they are part of web design packages rather than designed specifically, so I feel with some time, effort, and a good font choice I can do something that will stand out.

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@hrant - Wow Pitu is a beauty! Looks lyrical and classy. A good choice for the string quartet, I'd say.

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Totally agree, very nice choice, and interesting website too. It's a contender!

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Er, despite your two years of study to date, you omit any mention of the quartet's name or the letterforms on which the logotype will be based. Until those decisions are made, talk of typeface selection is speculative at best.

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Thanks Queneau, definately some more options there. I like that cut of Bodoni!

And thanks ben, it's not an oversight, i'm just looking for suggestions on fonts that fit the specifications i've given.

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