Are Pickle slices in the hamburger sector also Delicious?

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I am being specific to the hamburger / cheeseburger sector on this forum though this concerns all burger types. I am not happy with burger retailers giving out burgers and warm pickles. The pickles should not be warm or rubbery. Thus the word burgerwithapickle is a bit too broad and a distinction should be included for educating that a particular burger is also a warm-pickle burger, e.g. 'A Rubberpickle-Burger'. This should educate and help to understand that the pickle is serious in it's objectives. (making a burger delicious.) I find it objectionable and corrupt that Burgers are using warmed pickles, de facto over-sized-relish to pass as a crispy delicious pickle. The pickle/burger activity is about doing things without any compromise. When you have a pickle on the side, burger enjoyment is generally less enjoyable, and the bun sometimes gets soggy, it is all quite revolting.

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If you change the shape of the "k" in the pickle, everything should work out.

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While I agree that it's a big problem, I think it's the wrong time to discuss such trivial matters. Of course I'm talking about the serious subject of submarine sandwich shredded lettuce microwaving.

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Worse is when they give you pickle chunks instead of pickle slices...

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No one is talking about the appallingly awful bread that both hamburgers and Submarine sandwiches are made with.

Why? Bread is the staff of life. Pickles are a garnish.

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I don't like pickles.
My wife, however, adores them, so I always order them and give her mine.
I must confess I've never checked a restaurateur's EULA to see if this is permissable, but the wait staff are always cool with it.

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Ray, this is a distinct controversy entitled to its own thread. I'm sure Monsanto is working hard to bio-engineer a lettuce invisible to microwave radiation.

Nick, I respect your opinion. I don't have any issues with your wife profiting from your aversion to pickles. Does she save the pickles in a drawer to use on her next burger, or does she use them immediately like so many materialistic governments would have us do?

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Eggburger, no cheese, easy mustard, extra mayo, NO PICKLES, NO RELISH.


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