Toot!: "Savvy Designer" book released

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"The Savvy Designer's Guide to Success: Ideas and tactics for a killer career," by Jeff Fisher, the Engineer of Creative Identity for Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, has recently been stocked on the shelves of bookstores around the world. The book is also available at Powell's City of Books ( ), ( ), ( ), Barnes & Noble ( ), Booksamillion ( ), ( ), and all ( ) international web sites. Any local bookstore should be able to order the HOW Design Books offering.

A somewhat irreverent look at the business of graphic design, the book is based on the author's mantra of "it's better to be a smart-••• than a dumb •••" - Much of the text is from Fisher's own perspective on the industry after over 25 years as a graphic designer. It also contains anecdotes and career lessons from individuals like Milton Glaser, Clement Mok, Jack Anderson, Art Chantry, Genevieve Gorder, Nigel Holmes, Jennifer Morla, Peleg Top, Ellen Shapiro, Petrula Vrontikis and nearly 100 other industry professionals.

The book includes advice on the building blocks of a career, education options, what designers have learned in the "school of hard knocks," how to get more than your foot in the door in your quest for clients or a job, and various aspects of dealing with clients on projects. Communication issues are covered in some detail, as are establishing a business persona and the nitty-gritty issues of business - pricing, contracts and more. Marketing and promotion is a major topic in the book. In addition, a number of designers relate major career obstacles and how they were overcome - or avoided in the future. There

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