cezanne -like substitute

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I love Cezanne and it suits my purposes perfectly. However, I'm worried it's been used too much (please, please, don't let it become another Papyrus!).

Can anyone suggest a substitute?

I'd like the same qualities of Cezanne, with the same or better legibility. Thanks!

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Try some of P22's other handwriting fonts. Also:

Byron: http://www.dafont.com/byron.font

Dear Sarah: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/betatype/dear-sarah-pro/

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Thanks Josh. I really like the Dear-Sarah-Pro. But yikes, $119. I only need it for one word - I may just write it out myself!

About P22: I like this foundry but am I missing the typetester? I'd like to see what my one word looks like but can't find where to view that from.


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Try these too:

PF DaVinci Script
Mister K
The script typefaces from Viktor Solt-Bittner

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