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Hi Im student and recently working on my project proposal.
I am strongly interested in typography, there are endless limits to what you can do. My chosen filed of study will mainly focus on Experimental/Expressive Typography and I would like to explore this topic more further. The purpose of this project is to investigate the idea of legibility, readability, style, movement and how type can be taken beyond its basic and what Experimental Typography really means. The word "experiment" oxford dictionary define as a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, demonstrate a known fact or a course of action tentatively adopted without being sure of the outcome. In this context, an experiment is a test of idea; set of actions to prove or disprove an idea. In a graphic design and typography, experiment as a noun has been used to signify anything new, unconventional, defying easy categorization, or confounding expectations. This is something what I wish to explore within this project.
Could you give me some advice or how I could possible narrow this down??

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@TINKA: I am not sure I understand the question? Are you looking to

a) clearly define what “experiment” means in either context and show how the same word means two different things?

b) find examples of scientific experimental typography (eg Tinker) and unconventional typography (eg Carson)?

c) combine the 2 and create your own design and or experiment?

d) all of the above

e) none of the above

For what school, program and level of study is this for and who is your teacher/supervisor?

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I study at Central St. Martins university in London BA Graphic Design and Interaction and this is my major project proposal. This project is eight months long and I would like to keep my proposal open for further research and discoveries. Mostly I would like to
investigate the idea of legibility, readability, style, movement and how type can be taken beyond its basic and what Experimental Typography really means. Im a bit lost and running out of time...
thanks Christopher

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Well yeah, many people want to take it to the next level, but that's too vague for a major project.
Focus on something you like (to do), that will be more productive. And then experiment.

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After more research I have decided focus on typography in era of modernism and postmodernism. This will allow me to examine and compare two different typographic styles which came one after the other. I want to question the ideologies of a Swiss modernist consisting that of a formalist, rationalist nature to that of a Postmodernist more expressive, subjective and experimental nature through a series of methods but also question how they could work in today’s extremely multicultural society. Questioning graphic design of certain times and trying to get a better understanding of the ideologies and what affected them. I planned to do this in a number of ways to gain a more intense knowledge of design history. So I can come to acknowledge the deeper messages of their work rather than just visual inspiration. So I really feel the need to study their reasoning in much more detail.

thanks for all your comments

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TINKA, this is still a massive proposal. It's tempting for your final project to try and tackle too broad a spectrum of ideas but it might be useful to keep refining your area of interest - a portion of the allotted 8 months might be given to this process.

Of all the philosophies and movements you have described above, what is your core interest?

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