Spacing, kerning, leading, feedback.

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Shoot! All feedback appreciated.

Set in Gotham medium and book. Text reads in dutch: Digital Lawyer (not attorney) .nl

I want to communicate the website URL but still keep the individual words very readable.

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I did not get the website address from the first line at all. I assumed that it's a name of the company followed by some sort of "Inc." or "Corp." or "LLC" abbreviation.

With regards to the kerning - it seems OK, perhaps TA is a smudge too loose if I were to nitpick.

Leading-wise I think the lines need to be spaced further apart. This is evident from the smaller scale shot, it looks somewhat cluttered. Also, I'd push the right edge of the second line a bit to the left, because right now 'u' appears to be sticking beyond L due to all that empty space in latter.

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Thanks apankrat.

.nl is the dutch equivalent to .com or .us whatever. That might clear somethings up. :-)
I think you are right on the TA. What do you think of the UR and NL? The might also seem a bit too loose to me.
I agree with you on the leading. I wil increase it a bit. I will also deal with the optical illusion. I have the tendency to be too metric. :P
Revision will be posted tonight.

Anyone else got some feedback?

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Hello again,

Different approach. I decided to not include the pay-off. Went from Gotham to Proxima. Manually kerned.

When the type treatment is ok I will design a visual element.

Feedback very much appreciated!

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