why distorted contours after export?

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I am having an anoying problem generating an opentype font in fontlab:
After merging contours and generating the otf-file, my font looks fine in the preview and in fontexplorer, but when I want to use it e.g. in indesign or illustrator, some of the contours are distorted (in Textedit it works alright though). When I create outlines, all the contours look fine again.
see in the picture how it should be and how some letters are rendered.

this happened in two completely different fonts I drew.
I am using font nuke, so it does not seem to be a cache problem.

Does anyone have an idea why this happens?


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Did you try different font formats (postscript, truetype), to see if that had any effect?

Did you try with and without hinting?

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Hi Christine! :)

Do you have huge alignment zones in your font? Try getting rid of them for now. Also, hints (as Nick said) could be a problem.

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Cool, it works now! I got rid of the autohinting as well as the alignment zones.
(I never tried postscript and truetype, but exported it to the woff format, there were no problems).

thank you!

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Nevertheless your font looks like it would be easy to hint it. There seems to be something wrong with the rounded corners. Maybe the pathes have to be cleaned up there. And if the hinting causes this terrible effect even in such a big point size, I would also check the blue values. And maybe you have to add some ghost hints.

More about PS hinting, alignment zones, ghost hints and so on: http://typophile.com/files/hinting.pdf

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