Problems with Family font naming

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okay so i'm trying to get family font-naming down and I'm following (or at least trying to follow) Adam Twardoch's "Font Family Naming in FontLab" but I'm having some problems.
First of all Adam's font naming scheme is working wonderfully for TTF fonts, but i'm having the following problems with PS versions:
Let's say the font family name is "XYZ Fontname"
In Indesign separate styles are being split up in the menu, ie. small caps, light version, etc.
Also the Regular versions are showing up in the the menu as "XYZ Fontname" and then in the style menu as "Fontname Regular," "Fontname Italic," etc. I just want the "Regular" and "Italic" to show up. If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it. Thnx.

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A couple of extra suggestions/comments.

- make sure that the PostScript FullName includes the style, even for the "regular" face.

- Make sure the PostScript FontName uses a dash between the family and the style. The family part should be the same as the family part of the FullName, with spaces omitted.
If you had the dash after XYZ and before Fontname I could imagine that might have the effect you mention.



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that's how i've had things set up with the FullName and FontName fields and there'se no dash after XYZ and before Fontname. I'm trying to figue out where InD is pulling font names from because what it's displaying isn't in any of the naming fields at all... strange.

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It's hard to say without having a look, but don't forget to
run Font Cache Cleaner when you're testing font names.
OSX caches the names and then tortures you with them later.
That is, if you're using said OS.

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One extra suggestion:

Avoid to start the family name with multiple capital letters in FontLab 4.x/Mac (like "XYZFontname") . This may result in improper ps file names. And surely the safer way to prepare all names is to click on the "Build Names" button.


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