Modifier Acute/Grave

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I'm trying to figure out what the 'Modifier Letters' are about. I've created spacing variants of grave and acute at 0060 and 00B4, and then created zero-width combining diacritics at 0300 and 0301. These latter two have anchors and I've used them to build the accented Latin glyphs from composites. Now I find there are two more codepoints called Modifier Letters at 02CA and 02CB. Who can tell me what they're for and what I should put in there?

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I'd copy over 0060 and 00B4 into those Modifier Letter codepoints.

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Some use of those characters was mentioned in the thread

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Yeah, they’re supposed to be spacing versions of the combining diacritics as well as a few things that don’t have combining versions. So what Chris Harvey said. They should look exactly like the combining versions but should have an intrinsic width, perhaps something like a plain space (U+0020). If you have uppercase variants of diacritics you should only use the lowercase versions for the spacing modifiers, since that’s what people expect the defaults to be. I suppose you could go to the effort of making them case sensitive, but I don’t think people would ever use that feature much.

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Hah, it took me nearly half a year to remember I'd started this thread, oops, sorry! Thank you for your answers. I'll duplicate the 00 range.

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