Help with font of my client

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Hi all,

Guess what, even though I repeatedly asked for the font file and/or their logo my client still hasn't send it to me yet. I am editing a video for him and need to include some text.

Client website:

The font that interest is the one used in the top logo for "Groupe MacKay". I have no idea if it is custom or not so if any of you has a something close in mind that would be great.

Thanks and Happy Easter,


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Hi Phil,

The typeface you are looking for is Futura designed by Paul Renner. However in the logo 'MACKAY' seems to be tweaked.


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That looks about right.

Thanks Sans Sleep :)

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MACKAY appears to be a different typeface altogether, the M and K are far from Futura's.

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MACKAY looks more like Eras tweaked...

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My first gut feeling as well, but why would the logo designer (who let's generously say is perhaps not the gretest typographer in the world) go through the trouble of constructing an entirely different /K/ when Eras's is perfectly servicable? I'm still betting it's something else, maybe an Eras clone.

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