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I'm looking for some display type for a book. The book will contain lots of images of objects (kites, actually) that have type on them, and I'd like to use a display type that's similar. I've attached an image.

I feel like I've seen block lettering like this 1000 times, but just can't come up with anything quite right. Most very square fonts are too industrial/techy, or too literally constructivist. The subject matter is Central American, so Russian stuff is all wrong. There's also a pretty strong link to Mayan culture, so something like Copal could work, though Copal itself is far too whimsical. A handmade look is ok, but nothing too informal.

The closest I've gotten is Paz by Sudtipos. It's too wide and too industrial though.

Thanks for the help...

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Thanks for these, guys. Getting closer! Public Gothic is aaaaaalmost it, and the price is right. Think I'll pick it up and keep looking as well.

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Two Mexican options: Barrilito and Miniblock.

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Agggghhhh, Miniblock is awesome. I'm not sure I can get away with it for this, but I want to use it for something.

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