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Hey guys,

I've been a designer for many years but one of the hardest gigs I've come across has been an identity for myself that I don't push aside straight after making it.

The logo I've been sitting on for a while now is something that I'm feeling reflects myself as a designer, individual and business. Its to be clear, simple and subtle.

The reason why I've posted here is to address the most important attribute to the logo and myself as a designer, refined.

I've butchered the mac version of Helvetica to come up with something you can identify but with quirk.

The logo:
Dan J Williams

...and here's a link to the logo in context.

Please feel free to upgrade, embellish, chop, burn, praise, help as you see fit.


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I think your logo does express clear, simple and subtle. I think the "J" feels a little like it is sitting out in the open by itself, as there is so much space between it and the "dan" and "williams", perhaps it is because there is no"." and because it feels so slim and elongated.
I would also explore the volume of space between the letters and no just be concerned about their distance from each other. I like the logo in context with the nice open sky on your site.

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Thanks for the feedback alchion,
I've just noticed that the version on my website has the original "J" maybe that's why it looks fine in context and less 'alone'.
I think I prefer the cut off "J" to match the style and angle of the tops of the "L"s and "I"s but I do agree with the spacing comment.

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I wonder if a round /w/ (something like this would fit with the other letters better.

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Yeah nice one eliason, I like that 'w'. It actually matches the 'm' better.

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Is anyone else willing to comment? I'm still after more advice...

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The thing that's throwing me off is your unicase-style D. You've embraced ascenders and descenders in your other three instances, but eschewed the protuberance for this one letter. What would it look like if you either embraced the unicase format for J, L, & L or went all lowercase and started off with "d"?

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m1ch43l thanks for the comments dude.
I've been away for a while, designing and most of the time just writing my name and number on a card to network.
So I'm back to refining this logo to get my name on some stock of my own.

Below are two variations after taking m1ch43l's advice.

I'm still after more direction if this is still a worthy cause.


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lowercase works great for me. Cap D looks out of place imo.

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I tried something out:

Gr Jeroen

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i like the all lower-case version.

the letters 'illi' in 'williams' form an interesting shape. perhaps there is something you could do with it.
else, if you want to stick with a logotype and no mark, i'd go for all lower-case.

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I'm unsure where to go from here, I'd like to keep it a simple typographic logo and steer away from turning it into a logotype.

Dead set victor, its the "illi" that I'm attracted to. What also lures me in is a character with no acender beginning the logo hence the caps D but the practicality of it is nil.

Thanks for the ideas to keep me thinking JeroenB.

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I'm reviving an old thread to update on some changes for anyone interested.

I last left off unsure where to go with this logo and thats where I stayted, for 1 year and 45 weeks according to my last post. I've finally had a chance to re-look at my humble little logo and make some refinements with an update to my folio.

Here is where it got to, not far from the original design but far better in my opinion.

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