Font Validator Error Messages

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The Font Validator forum seems to be long dormant, so I was wondering if anyone had a solution to this error.

I have a whole cascade of them for different sizes and I'm wondering what can be done in FontLab to correct it.

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I assume you’re validating a TrueType font and that the error appears in the section for the PREP table?

In that case it appears something is wrong with the code for the TrueType hinting. Did you do the hinting in FontLab only, or also used other tools?

BTW: There is a help section in Font Validator where every error code is explained a little more in detail. It’s in the same directory as the application itself.

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AutoHinted TT in FontLab only. I've read the explanation of the error codes. I'm trying to find a way to correct it. All of that TT Table and Bit stuff gets a little dense to me.

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I'm sort of disappointed the the FontLab folks haven't comment on this. I mean if I get this cascade of errors from their auto-hinting, you'd think that would be of some concern.

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Agreed, especially if the error is not at all manually correctable. I hope it is though.

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James, I'd be happy to take a look at your FontLab source and font, if that might help. I've never seen these errors in fonts I've generated from FontLab. Are you using the Windows or Mac version of FontLab?

The PREP table is editable in DTL OTMaster, although I've never attempted it.

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Thanks for the offer John, I design on the Mac and generate all final fonts on the PC.

But this is all so very interesting. The vfb files that I'm using to generate the fonts that are giving me these odd error messages are fairly old, they go back to 2003 or so. I might have made them with FL 4.x (could they be as old as FL 3?) That is the version I started on.

I created a new vfb, copied all of the font header information from the old data, copied all of the glyphs and appended them to the new file, copied the features and the classes, and generated a new font, and none of those rasterizing errors were present, when I ran the new font through Font Validator.

So I wonder if they were really errors or some odd sloppy file housekeeping inherited from some old version of FL.

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