Rebranding and Font

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Hello everyone,

The company I work for is currently going through a re-branding process to mark our anniversary.

We have had a logo designed and the font in it is Geosans. As part of the work we do, we produce a lot of written reports along with quotations and letters.

Does anyone have any suggestions on fonts that will go well with Geosans?

Thanks in advance.



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Well, Geo Sans seems to be a knock-off of Futura:

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Traditionally Bodoni was considered a good partner.

The slab serif look of Beton (a sort of "Futura Slab Serif") is contemporary.
Memphis, for a larger x-height.
Candida, for more contrast, and a more traditional look suitable for extended text.

These are all vintage faces, like Futura, from the early/mid 20th century.

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So I was only 70% out of my gourd when I decided almost ten years ago that Futura and Bodoni looked good together?

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M.F. Agha, Vanity Fair, 1935.

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Of course, that was always a safe marriage, and a good one, why not?

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It's a bit of a strange relationship, because the letter shapes are so different (e.g. Futura's splayed "M"), but Agha recognized the geometric qualities of Bodoni, e.g. the idea that its serifs could be considered as slab serifs. Bodoni is also quite reductive, in that it appears to have two stem widths, and no transition between them. Again, this was a fresh interpretation of the face, because Giambattista's fonts were far more nuanced than that, as can be seen in Postmodern revivals such as ITC Bodoni and Filosofia. And in comparison to the style of didone that had predominated throughout the 19th and early 20th century—the Scotch Modern, with its huge serifs (many hooked), ball terminals and furled forms—Bodoni is a very understated design.

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