Letterfontein now in english!

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In the next weeks the translated versions of Letterfontein will appear worldwide in the bookstores. The English, French, Spanish and German versions are published by Taschen Publishers.
Already in 1994 I wrote this book with my collegue Geert Setola and we published it by ourselves in Dutch, French and German. It was quite a success and we printed about 15,000 of all these languages. In 2002 I began rewriting and expanding the book. Geert Setola did not take part anymore in this huge job where the content went from appr. 15,000 words to 150,000 words. The first Dutch print in november 2009 was sold out in a couple of weeks and in march 2010 the reprint appeared. In 2010 Letterfontein got also a red dot award and a certificate for high design quality form the Type Directors Club New York (TDC). It took about a year to get it well translated in the different languages for Taschen Publishers. For the English version we asked John A. Lane to proofread it. For the Spanish version Albert Corbeto did the proofreading. At the end of April 2011 Letter Fountain should be available around the world. The resp. titles are: Fuente de Letras (Sp), La Fontaine aux Lettres (Fr) and Letterfontäne (German).

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Congratulations, it looks very nice.

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Thank you very much.


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Looking very much like my library is going to have another book added to it.

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I’m really looking forward to get this book also in english!

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I just saw this! Looks great. Added to my Must Buy list.


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