LyX 2.0 almost released, adds XeTeX integration and thus OpenType

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LyX 2.0 is currently in RC3. You can download source (but not precompiled binaries yet) from

More detail on new features

Essentially, by this time a month from now, you should be able to download a version of LyX which both allows you to create documents using any font installed on your system, and allows you to apply OpenType features. You’re still at the mercy of TeX’s content-centric way of thinking, so the app is best suited for long text-centric documents like books and articles with a finite set of styles that you customize, and is of course a bad choice for advertising layouts. But managing a separate set of TeX-enabled fonts in a bunch of text files will be a thing of the past once the XeTeX incorporation is finished. I am cautiously optimistic.

In other news, there is an upcoming Google Summer of Code project to add OpenType feature access inside

As for Scribus: Scribus forum administrator Christoph_S wrote on Oct 24 last year:
“Yes, and we had to create a separate branch that's not even publically accessible, because major parts of the code have to be torn apart and rewritten. The changes are so big that we’re currently glad if the code can be built, which doesn’t mean that it already works as expected. Expect first usable results next year, at the earliest, when the dust has settled.”

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all this sounds great.

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I could not get LyX 2.0RC2 to output PDF through XeTeX if I had any system (i.e. non-TeX) font installed. They just put out RC3 tonight, and I'm trying again with this new install. In the meantime I've made some progress learning my way around LyX. Once the XeTeX part of it works reliably in Windows, it will be the first serious open source Opentype-savvy Windows publishing application available.

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Looking forward to this. The price of LyX fits my budget well. I have a book project I'd like to undertake for myself. This sounds promising indeed!

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