& comic sans - the death of daytime drama

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At least there is still daytime drama for the typography community. Discuss.

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I died a little when I saw this.

This reminds me of a time a few weeks ago when I was driving by the refineries, and they used Comic Sans as their typeface for the digital screen outside their gates that tells the time, date, weather/temperature and other assorted messages.

The greater irony here is that this company is worth billions and probably have a group of "experts" in charge of advertising... Shame.

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It's doubtful The experts in charge of advertising even know there are digital screens with the time and weather at their refinery gates. And if they do, they'd have enough to do already without taking on the headache of getting the folks at the refinery to care what the 'big-city advertising experts' think about their taste in typography.

... & pages of day time TV stars were never the place to look for inspired design. :o)

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I've seen Comic Sans on digital screens with time and temperature here too. The boxes may be turnkey ones on which they're not allowed to install other software or even other fonts.

As for Susan Lucci's website: by using a standard Windows typeface, her site is accessible in standard browsers without fancy plug-ins. And, in fact, from the limited set of typefaces available, I can even argue that she made an appropriate use of Comic Sans - as an informal face to give the effect of hand lettering on a blackboard.

It's not often Comic Sans is used appropriately - and there would have been better faces to use if she had used a technology for her site that gave her more typographic control - but I'd say this is one of the few cases where this was pulled off.

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... for a certain value of "appropriate".

Perhaps it would be better to say that this particular use of Comic Sans is merely Papyrus bad instead of Comic Sans bad. That would more accurately express my view of that web page from a typographical standpoint, and thus avoid appearing to take a shocking and outrageous position that might be construed as trolling.

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