Something I noticed about applying effects in FL

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Just mentioning this so that anyone else who hasn't noticed yet won't be surprised. You know how a few glyphs automatically get two codepoints because they appear in Latin-1/Mac junk and also in the Greek block? Now, say you open Tools:Actions because you want to slant every glyph 8 degrees, for instance. If you check "Apply to entire font", the action will be applied twice to any glyph with with two codepoints. The mu, Delta, and Omega will be slanted 16 degrees. Depending on how subtle the effect is, the difference could escape your attention for a while.

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I'm not seeing that when I try.

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I don't get this if I check 'apply to entire font', but I do get it if I select all glyphs and then apply the transformation, but *only* if I'm viewing the font in codepage mode -- if I switch to names or index mode (in which case mu etc. only appear once in the window) this doesn't occur.


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^ That's holding true for me too.

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That must have been how I did it, then. As I implied, I didn't notice it until a little while later, and my memory hadn't distinguished the two methods before, because one would expect the result to be the same.

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And don't forget to check every single degree! Trust nothing.

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