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I'm putting together an interactive timeline of British music in the 1960's for a University project and I would like to find 10 different display fonts to use in the title for each year. I was thinking of typefaces like Cooper Black, Pump Triline (though that may be more 1970's) and Decorated (451?)

Any suggestions are welcome!


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Did you do a google search? if not, try it! they have lots of free and commercial fonts fron the 60s.

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They who?

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What kind of music?

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Its a YCN competition brief for the British Music Experience in London. I'm producing a flash timeline which targets some of the highlights of the Decade, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, and the like.

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If you have a set list of bands, why not draw inspiration from their album artwork?

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Louis Minott's Davida (1965).
Neo-Victorian, capturing the exuberant "display" that saw mods adopting Regency, and hippies Victorian military styles, eg in Sgt. Pepper, and recolouring them.

Everyone used Compacta, or some such thing.

1965: Pop art. The stencil effect could be Futura Black. Fun to break up the colouring.
By the same token, bouncing was big at the start of the decade.

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