Logo for a tees shop/contest website

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This is for a tee-shirt contest website (same model as Threadless). What's everyone verdict on the new design? All critiques and constructive criticisms are appreciated!


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You drew the image, right? Why not draw the type with it? Right now those 2 parts are not as unified as they should be. The grey stroke on the letters is not helping things. Good illustration, build off of that.

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As you say the text and illustration are not well integrated.

And maybe it's more am illustration than a logo, so I make a new test using my mascot.

What do you think about it? The first one better or the second?

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Personally, I find the first image to be much more effective, it the line weight and shading really bring forth the mascot.
The second image looks more corporate in my opinion.

I agree with Luma Vine in the sense the type should be drawn in and to exclude the grey lines. The only thing I would further recommend is making a difference between both of the "E"'s. The reason being is because they are situated right beside each other, the eye will compare them against each other. If there is a slight difference, it adds character/complexity, thus making a nicer image.

All in all it is a wonderful looking design, good work!

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If this is for a contest, there are very good reasons why you shouldn't.

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Actually I'm building a website that will organise a monthly tee-shirt contest, and then I will sell them online. So this logo should be a brand for my tees and a logo for my website.

I'm just afraid that the first logo looks more as an illustration rather than a logo.

Hope you can tell me more, and help me in my choice?

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It's a logo for a website that organizes monthly contests. It is a logo of a service and not a company. It's perfectly feasible to have such a grunge-looking logo for the service you described.

And the first logo is really good. But change it as Luma told you. Keep the illustration, remove that type with strange bluish gray outline (or stroke as he named it) and draw those letters just as you drew the illustration. It was working perfectly, but those too perfect letter shapes were telling us they weren't drawn.

Anyway. Great illustration. Kindda reminds me of the band Gorillaz... That's good. :)

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I also agree with Luma. Lovely composition. Good work!

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