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Hi all. I've been asked to design a logo for a local bike store and while I think the concept I came up with is quite solid, it still feels as if something is off. I'm not trying to ask anybody to do the work for me, but it would be nice if you could point out any obvious flaws. I'm quite new to the design process and after staring at this image for so long, I just don't know anymore. I'd be thankfull for any advice.

The store sells exclusively KTM bikes, a (middle- to upperclass) Austrian bicycle brand. The orange in the logo is the KTM orange.

(Sorry for my English, it isn't my native language)

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Conceptually this is a nice logo, but it feels very dated. I think you need to find a typeface that will work with the concept but feel contemporary.

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Could you align the letters so that the second O appears to be on the baseline implied by the B (as well as staying on the main baseline, of course)? Or would that mess up the bicyclist too much?
I agree that other typefaces might be worth trying.

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Great concept! You might customize the type some more and give it some unique character. I would be sure to look at it at a very small size often to make sure it works at that size (maybe 1-2cm wide).

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Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. You are all right about the typefaces. I actually really wanted to make some kind of slab-serif font work, but it just doesn't. I keep coming back to Gotham, it's driving me insane. Any recommendations?

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Too much goin on. And it looks unfinished (if it's not a concept)

I would go for either unique visual shape of some sort + fonts that will work with it

or custom made characters SVOBODA w/o any cheap tricks of O's being wheels and so on..

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I don't know whether you're aware of it, but word "svoboda" means FREEDOM in Slovenian (and probably in some other Slavic languages as well) where this word most probably comes from if owners are Austrian and their surname is Svoboda (which wouldn't be unusual).

Maybe word FREEDOM will give you some nice ideas. It should also go very well with cycling because cycling in its inherent nature is very free.

Apart from this fact I think that /O/ glyphs that form bike wheels are too heavy, because they look like a motorbike and not bicycle. Space between the two /O/ also implies this is a motorbike and not a bicycle.

And BTW: This thread should be in Forum/Critique/Logos instead of Forum/Design... All logos are discussed there. Maybe some admin can move it.

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I think the problem with Gotham in this case is that the style of the logo makes one think of old logos like this set in Futura or Helvetica. So you end up with a logo that seems to be settling in-between those two, or worse, looks like an imitation with a weird version of Helvetica or Futura. Something closer to Futura and less American gothic would be better; perhaps Neutraface No. 2 or Brandon Grotesque.

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I think you had it right the first time. Hands down. You’re done (unless the client tells you to Make the Logo Big, which they probably will). It would be interesting to see how you handle a greyscale version, as well as colour and greyscale dropped out if black.

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Hello James,

As mention earlier by Robert(litera) 'svoboda' means freedom. I personally think that the word 'svoboda' itself is very powerful and would work on it's own, if treated well typographically. If I were you, I would do the symbol separately based on the name of the company. It could be something abstract.

Currently your logo reminds me more of a company that sells asphalt compactors rather then bicycles. Esthetically it's not pleasing as well.


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Why don't you do the OBO in a lighter or thin weight - cycle tyres are pretty thin. It looks more like a motorbike in that weight.

In the first style with no underline. Keep it simple.

Edit. Sorry, I didn't pay attention to Litera's post.

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You should use a typeface with perfectly circular "O"s.
Just like a bike tire.
Isn't that obvious?
e.g. Futura or Avant Garde.

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For me, the space between the crooked B and the baseline is making a much brighter area than the rest of the text. As opposed to my eye being drawn to the actual logo, it's drawn to that high-contrast dead space area.

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