InDesign file corruption--could it be font-related?

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An Indesign file I've been working on has suddenly decided not to open (Error code 4) and I'm wondering what the problem might be.

I wonder if it's to do with the fonts in the doc. I'm using Gill Sans MT Light for the body text but there are frequent 'bolds' in Gill Sans MT [ie. the medium weight]. They are not style linked, so that's rather a lot of font switching in the document.

Might this sort of thing create an unstable document?

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Switching fonts instead of style-linking should not corrupt a document. Many publication designers do not use style-linking at all; they create styles for all instances of bolds and italics to avoid any linking or naming problems across different typefaces.

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There's no such thing as style-linking of fonts in an InDesign *file* anyway; InDesign only uses the style links as part of a shortcut way of switching fonts, but the net effect in terms of what is stored in the document file is no different than picking the other style off the menu.



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Presume it's something else then. Thanks both.

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