Sans Pairing with New Caledonia

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First off, I'd like to say that this place has become something of an addiction for me. I've learned an incredible amount just by lurking. I'd like to levy your collective knowlege of independent foundries. I'm looking for a sans-serif companion to New Caledonia. This is one of the few times where I might be able to drop some coin of font licensing, so I want to make sure I'm getting something good.

Background: I picked New Caledonia as a titling face for an online lierary journal, and as the titling and body face for a print version of the same thing. I wanted something that paired well with Georgia, since the online typography is important to me, but also stood on its own. New Caledonia seemed to have just enough Scotch in it, and like pretty much everything Dwiggins has done.

It would also help to have a sans to go with it. In general terms, what category of sans goes with Scotch Romans? As I understand it, they're most closely related to the Didones, which makes me think geometric, but they seem to have a more human quality about them. My first thought was an Avenir or Nobel, but I'd really like to hear what else is out there. I've learned a lot in the past just by watching Typophiles go about the process of recommendations. Thanks.

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That's really interesting. I guess it's a little ironic that he designed Metro shortly thereafter. I had actually forgotten about Metro. That might be a really good face to use.

To extend the original question: What do you look for in a pairing? What similarities of underlying structure make a good pairing?

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Excellent advice, Brian. I paired New Caledonia with Interstate for a business publication (5 years ago, when Interstate was a little less ubiquitous) with excellent results.

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