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Hey guys, just had a little tiff with a moody copywriter at work, talking about the way a "deck" or subheading should look. I work at an online publication and we have a lot of old newspaper types here, was hoping to get some opinions on this.

He's saying that the break in the deck from one line to two should happen so that they are as close as possible in width, which i agree with, except for when the second line would be longer than the first. Am I incorrect? Should I be breaking headlines and subheadlines without regard to keeping the first line longer than the second?

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I usually use "deck" to mean a short paragraph below a subhead that briefly introduces an article. As far as subheads go, yes, they often look best with the first line longer, but there may be a specific reason to break it differently: for meaning, to allow a narrower column, to allow a larger font, to avoid splitting a name, etc. So it depends on the specific instance as well s the overall style of the publication — the choice is a stylistic one as well as an aesthetic one.

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Your colleague would probably like to see both lines as long as possible, as white space was considered somewhat precious, if not downright effeminate, in a certain style of news design.

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