Expressive & Experimental Typography

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I'm a graphic design student and I'm currently working on an editorial magazine that is on expressive and experimental typography. I was wondering if I could get your opinions on this subject.

What is your definition of expressive and experimental typography?
Can you say that every typographic work is expressive or experimental?
What do you think is the context in which today's typographic work is created?
How do you think expressive or experimental typography is going to continue to develop in the next few years? What is its future? For example, web typography and motion type will have great developments. Handwritten type is also making a great comeback.

I want to thank you in advance. It is much appreciated.

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Your subject is great!

My own type foundry --- VTF ( --- is mainly devoted to expressive and experimental typography.

Check it out & feel free to mail us at for further questions.

VTF typefaces are free, so you could use it as material for your research :-)

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