Creating a font programmatically

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I'm looking for a simple API or font-project-format or just font-format allowing to generate a font (font project) from my own program code with maximum ease.

The properties I'd like to set for each glyph are:
- vector curves (eps/ai/svg/bitmap)
- width/height
- baseline

The other properties could be tweaked manually in a font editor.

Thus it should be either an open and friendly file format or well documented API.

Please let me know if you know such a solution. Thanks.

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A good set of tools for your ideas comes with Robofab.
You can also do scripting with on-board tools in FontLab itself.
Further reading: Metafont.

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FontForge also has a Python interface that allows direct programmatic creation of glyphs.

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Check my Punk Nova font which uses FontForge's Python interface to create a font without any interactions.

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I thank you all! It's looks like what I need.

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Typophile breaks https:// links for some reason, the above link should be

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