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Just curious, who is this obscure Parisian figure made mention of beneath 'Script'?

"Since a Parisian printer created the first in 1643, script typefaces..."

Did that first script type receive a name?

A quick gooogle indicates the Adobe material has been regurgitated without reverence...

Any help appreciated.

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??? or is it without reference? In an event, Encyclopædia of Type Faces credits the first French cursive to Robert Granjon of Lyons in 1557, and asserts that Morris Fuller Benton's Civilité is a faithful rendering of same.

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both. I can't really imagine such a thing in metal, perhaps the first flowing script?

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My guess is that they refer to Pierre Moreau who, according to Luc Devroye's page on the history of type "endeavoured to cut printing types in the style of handwriting". He gives a link to a scan of his cripts and ornaments from 1643.

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Very good, now I have some legs. Thanks Michel.

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