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I'm looking for critiques on anything from the relation of the and movement to P.SLUV, to the typefaces used, to the customized design for P.SLUV. Any and all are welcome and greatly appreciated. I was going for simple and eye-catching.

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It's pretty hard to read, but P.SLUV is pretty hard to read to begin with. Is it supposed to be pronounced like peace-love? What's with the period in the middle?

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The musician is using P.Sluv as a pseudonym which is, yes, also a wordplay on "Peace Love". Thanks for the quick feedback.

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Diagonal of V is a bit thin.

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Thanks, I noticed that too. I'll make that small change in the next revision. Does the third one (by itself) look interesting do you think? And most importantly, does it look "electronica"?

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The first thing that jumps out at me is that the period seems to be awkwardly spaced. You've got relatively the same sliver separating all the letters, except that the P and the period have a large gap between them and there's a little too much space between the P and S. Perhaps you could move the P to the right, extend the tail of the S, and move the period to the left so there's a more consistent snugness throughout.

Looking at the amount of negative space surrounding your text, when enclosed in the rectangle, you'll notice that there's more breathing room on the top and right side than there is on the bottom and left side. In particular, the lower left corner around the P seems cramped. I would expand the space below the L to match the space above it and do something similar with the the space to the left of the P.

I'd also suggest looking at some other typefaces options for THE and MOVEMENT. What you've got now seems very generic and there's potential for you to add some interest through contrast or make it more cohesive by continuing the same style. To add contrast, I would look for something very blocky, grid-like, or rectangular. To go the other direction, I would try something very round and geometric, like the main logo type. You could also try going lighter or heavier with the weight.

It looks like you're mechanically aligning the T of THE and M of MOVEMENT right now. You might also consider optically aligning it by shift THE a little to the left. It's also a bit ambiguous as to whether you're trying to line up M with the P or the colored rectangle. It might depend on what typeface you ultimately choose, but I would also experiment with aligning it in those other ways and see which grid system you like best.

Overall, I'd say that it fits well with the electronica vibe, while giving you a friendly retro hint which I think reinforces the underlying peace/love idea.

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I think p-sluv alludes to the play on words more than p.sluv

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