Impossible type

Okay, so this type, i've been looking for it for days, it reminds me of Futura, but it doesn't fit the C nor the M. I've concluded it down to Mostra-type or alike.

Do you think it's a modified type?
If i would say a thicker version of this Gothic type

would i be right?

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I'd say DTL Nobel

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The centre vertex of /M/ in Nobel doesn't reach down to the baseline, but it's pretty close. (the font, not the vertex)

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Why not ask Chip Kidd? He seems to have done the cover.

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It's the M i've been struggling with...
I haven't seen any M like that in a font that is as nobel per say...
I've browsed art deco for ages, hate when i don't find it..

It doesn't seem to be that familiar, maybe a higher risk of a modified type?

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I actually twitterd the guy, hehe, hope reply comes soon..
or else i'll go medieval..

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it has a hint of verlag as well

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indeed it does, but it's the god damn M that i can't figure out...

he did not answer my tweet either... Silly...

Other suggestions?


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Looking at this one thread posted by Yves (also about a Chip Kidd design) it sure could be this:

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What version of the book is that cover? The cover image on Amazon has a different type treatment.

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