DesignThinkers 2003

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just thought I'd post about an annual con that happens in our hood...don't think it does get publicized much outside. anywho..there's a seminar - Reconceptualizing typography - Presented by Prof. Ian Noble...never heard of him. hmmm

Designthinkers 2003 - Oct. 2 to 3, Toronto
Each year Designthinkers explores the influences and trends shaping the
role of design and branding in the marketplace. We look forward to
welcoming design practitioners, managers, educators and students,
marketing and branding executives and other buyers of graphic design
services to RGD Ontario's 4th annual conference on communications and
graphic design. The theme this year is Innovation. Innovation is a key
factor in business success. It's also at the heart of good design. Join
us as our speakers initiate a dialogue on the nature and process of

Mornings - diverse experts address the entire audience of approximately
500 delegates:
Paula Scher - Founding partner at Pentagram
Simon Waterfall - Creative director of British new media firm Poke
James P. Cramer - Editor of DesignIntelligence
Elsie Maio - corporate branding visionary who developed the concept of
SoulBranding SM
Dr. John Kao - serial innovator who wrote Jamming: The Art and
Discipline of Business Creativity
Roger Martin - Dean of the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management at the
University of Toronto

Afternoons - interactive question and answer sessions with the above
speakers moderated by Pamela Young, editor of Applied Arts Magazine or
Best Practices presentations:
Reconceptualizing typography - Presented by Prof. Ian Noble
A survivor's guide to the design business - Presented by Jean-Pierre
Lacroix R.G.D.
New tips and techniques in Adobe software - Presented by Colin Smith
Trends in business reporting (Speaker to be announced)
The future face of the design world - Presented by Bill Buxton
Communicating design - Presented by Nancy Bernard

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