Vertical metrics of an all-cap font

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Do I need to include values for ascender, x-height and descender in an all-cap font?

Could I position ascender and descender metrics according to accents?

I'm concerned that various layout applications will make unfounded assumptions.

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I'm not aware of any specific unfounded assumptions based on these metrics, but as a safe bet my inclination would be to set the ascender height to match the cap height and to set the x-height to an imaginary lowercase x-height proportional to the cap height. This ensures that if any applications are making any assumptions re. sizing that might be affected by these metrics, the effects won't be inappropriate to the actual cap height.

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The normal thing, usually seen as a boon to use, is to repeat the caps in the l.c. positions and not make up anythiing.

I think, but I'm not exhausting this question in thought, that only the strike-throughs, unders and overs use these values, so they have to be something, not zero.

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