Two unnamed fonts that I have been working on - any an all critique is welcome

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I have been very interested in typography for a long time, and have only recently decided to start working towards actually completing a font. These are two projects I'm working on right now. They are both unicase (I really like unicase fonts) - other than that, I think they pretty much speak for themselves. The first one may be a bit ambitious, but hey, let me know what you think! Even if you think it isn't very good. I just want some perspective.

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very very interesting, but dont you think you should show us a little bit more?

the first one looks kind of strange, i suppose those "outgrowts" should be some kind of "ink traps"?
i doubt that will look good in small sizes. maybe some optimazing would do it.

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Here are some sketches of the first one. It's still in very early stages, and I am just sort of having fun with it. and those "outgrowths" you are talking about are really more like serifs - it's really experimental and it's sort my attempt to bring together the humanist aspects of blackletter and oldstyle.

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Interesting you're working on two so much contrasting fonts. Well both are rather bold.

Very nice. The black letter based unicase looks very very nice display font. /S/ is unbalanced thought. And lots is still missing. But is a great start. The way you've designed /a/ is rather unique and beautiful.

Candy on the other hand is not so unique. Don't get me wrong. It's just as well nice, but not as special as the unicase Beast.

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I must say I really like them both, but I love Beast. I'm super interested to see it finished. The little "outgrowths," as you're calling them, are great. Adds a lot of flavor to the face. The /a/ in particular is a beautiful little nugget.
Candy is also really nice. It seems to flow well, but of course I'd have to see a lot more of it to gauge that accurately. I've always been a fan of the heavier style of font, and these are right up my alley. Really nice work.

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