Circual logo type. I am stuck!

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OK I'm in the rut with this one!.

The name of the brand will be FACE FWD. Apparel. (as Face Forward). It will be an urban clothing brand - it wont be hip hop oriented, but more towards modern vintage look vs. urban grunge style.

I need some idea for the kind of type that will go on with circular logo and soft facial curves. And I'm stuck with room full of type scribbles of failure.

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Any help in this? (Molot by R. Yershov)

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Nah man. Too black and coomic bookish. I'm looking for something thin but suitable with whole round face shape.

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...jesus christ!

Cmon people, help me. I haven't slept for two days and I'm not planning to until I get a rough idea to finalize this logo.

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Gotham rounded light. What do you think?

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I don't think that cursing is a good way to get more help.

Especially since it had been less than 12 hours since your original post.

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I do apologize for the "jesus christ!" thing.

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it's ok. i'm not religious.

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I would look for something with very pronounced ink-traps.

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Contrast the soft face logo with Computechnodigitronic Italic.

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