aLtErNaTiNg CaSe?

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I received a request from an OEM to resurrect one of my old freeware fonts, Pleasingly Plump NF, in 21st-century TrueType format. The font, originally designed in 1999, had an uppercase that leaned to the left and a lowercase that leaned to the right. By typing alternating upper- and lowercase letters, the user could add a decided bounce to the type. Given the advances in OpenType programming, it would seem that there ought to be some calt code that could do the heavy lifting of double-clutching the shift key...but perhaps not. Has anyone found an elegant solution to this problem?

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Make a class "All"
These will be the default characters, leaning right.
Make a class "Allalt"
These will be the corresponding glyphs, leaning the other way.

feature calt {
sub @All @All' by @Allalt ;
} calt;

This replaces every instance of a member of "All" following itself (marked with '), by the corresponding alternate.

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Many thanks, Nick: works like a charm!

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